Hyena Steals Impala from Python

katma 19 May 2020
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Hyenas are formidable hunters, however, they are infamously known for their scavenging skills. This video shows why!
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Watch the moment a wandering hyena that stumbles across a python busy constricting an impala decides to take the impala for itself!
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Sometimes the best surprises happen when you least expect to see them. Jason Joubert, a 33-year-old Trails guide witnessed this very rare sighting of a python who managed to catch an impala. The python's victory was very short-lived when a sneaky hyena, stole the impala kill right out from under the Python! Jason tells us the story:
“I spotted a hyena with his nose right to the ground, searching an open area. He seemed to be very interested in whatever it is he got a scent of and kept scouting the area for a while. Upon further inspection, the hyena found an African Rock Python wrapped around a young impala!”
Jason told LatestSightings.com that this was the first time he had ever seen a python with an impala catch and how exciting it was watching the hyena carefully sneaking closer to the python. It crept closer and closer until it was just close enough to snatch away the meal.
The python put up a good fight, mirroring the hyena's movement with its head, while still holding on to the impala! Eventually, the hyena wore the python down, and then it was quite an easy steal.
“I was ecstatic! In 13 years of guiding, I had never seen anything like this, I was just bummed that the python lost its kill after a lot of hard work though.”
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  • kanatlı sevdam

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  • Collins Rabar

    Collins Rabar

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    I can't comprehend why I felt good for the hyena.

  • Tatam Ali

    Tatam Ali

    4 gün önce

    Reminds me of Trump doing all the dirty job, campaigning and sleepy Joe coming out of his basement to steal his votes... 🧐

    • N0CKKAZ V2

      N0CKKAZ V2

      12 saatler önce

      Im didnt vote for trump but please tell me why you voted for trump?

  • Adolph Mwangoje

    Adolph Mwangoje

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    😂😂😂😂 dats good I don't like python

  • Matt Abraham

    Matt Abraham

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    Python is like...whatever!

  • அக்னி ரூபன்

    அக்னி ரூபன்

    6 gün önce

    Hyena act like a politician.
    Which means steal from thief

  • Артём Кулдошин

    Артём Кулдошин

    6 gün önce

    Мудрый КАА.

  • Rodney Wade

    Rodney Wade

    7 gün önce

    The Python is like Mr Hyena your food is ready

  • kamau george

    kamau george

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    Python should be glad it was not a honey badger

  • Manish Patil

    Manish Patil

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    That might be poisoned food

    • N0CKKAZ V2

      N0CKKAZ V2

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      Your brain is poisoned

  • BB NN

    BB NN

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    Hyena acted like a tax collector in my country.

  • Shaun Elijah

    Shaun Elijah

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    That's how you get a POP.............Pissed Off Python

    • N0CKKAZ V2

      N0CKKAZ V2

      12 saatler önce

      The hyena can crush the pythons skull with one play bite, the python is powerful my nigga but the hyena will break him down and he would be eaten in a snap

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  • Elegant Odibo

    Elegant Odibo

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    Please where is this camera man from?

  • holy love

    holy love

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    Hyenas reminds me of eziel off Friday! You can't do sh** without they a** coming around.

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  • Manassehs Kuria

    Manassehs Kuria

    15 gün önce

    If lion is the king, hyena be the criminal

  • All Pakistan Jobs

    All Pakistan Jobs

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    Le snake = is iam a joke 2 you😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Seferino Rino

    Seferino Rino

    19 gün önce

    Impalas are the salad bar of Africa

  • Ashish Patel

    Ashish Patel

    21 gün önce

    #Nature: *exists*
    #Impala: "Put me in a zoo, please!"

  • Omar Alvarado

    Omar Alvarado

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    Says the snake, “SON of a - “

  • sophie matare

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  • Cowboy


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    "HEY! I was gonna eat that!"

  • Innocent Okoene

    Innocent Okoene

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    Hyena doesn’t joke with Impala

  • Митрофан Мартынов

    Митрофан Мартынов

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    Тихо спиздил у ушёл -- называется : нашёл !!!

  • Митрофан Мартынов

    Митрофан Мартынов

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    До свидания ...

  • James


    28 gün önce

    Pythons: catches gazelle...
    Hyena: is for me

  • Mike B

    Mike B

    28 gün önce

    Hyena to python... You snooze you lose Sid...

    • N0CKKAZ V2

      N0CKKAZ V2

      12 saatler önce

      Made that saying come true, the python feel asleep while hunting..

  • Window Focus

    Window Focus

    Aylar önce

    Hyena looks playing stupid but isn't.
    this creatures they're so cruell.
    Look alike bamboo

  • Pure Leaf

    Pure Leaf

    Aylar önce

    It’s like you got the bed and wife ready for action and suddenly someone else came enjoyed.

  • Pranoy Dutta

    Pranoy Dutta

    Aylar önce

    This hyena will forever be on the lookout for pythons having their meals.

  • Richard Mollberg

    Richard Mollberg

    Aylar önce

    that was too easy! pore snake.

  • vivahernando1


    Aylar önce

    Hyena went full Debo .... snatching impalas like gold chains

  • Darell Piper

    Darell Piper

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    I don’t like spiders and snakes

  • Ignacio Moyano

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  • Deepak Panwar

    Deepak Panwar

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    Whatever happens...Hyenas always have last laugh.

  • Sonny Woods

    Sonny Woods

    2 aylar önce

    Hyena: Hey what you going on over here!
    Python: Nothing just chilling about have alight snack
    Hyena: Oh shit is that a Lion over there!
    Python Turns head a looks
    Hyena: Zoink! GOTCHA BITCH! DUMBASS!

  • Lovec Snov

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  • Shaanz 2.0

    Shaanz 2.0

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    Happy meal.for hyena - fast food

  • Melvin Smith

    Melvin Smith

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    I think the animals know to follow the trucks same way they follow vultures to kills.🙄

  • Joseph Garcia

    Joseph Garcia

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    I bet that python furious lol

  • Patrick N'draman

    Patrick N'draman

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    Hyena is realy the best!!!

  • God's Favourite

    God's Favourite

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    Pregnancy is beautiful but seeing that hyena pregnant doesn't make me say "cute"

  • Gianni loris rivi

    Gianni loris rivi

    2 aylar önce

    With all the thecnology we hold in terms of phones and kameras. .we still got to see video played like this...

  • Matt S.

    Matt S.

    2 aylar önce

    All the videos I've seen of pythons are them either having their food snatched, or becoming food themselves lol.
    Life must be tough when you don't have limbs 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Copper Nicus

    Copper Nicus

    2 aylar önce

    Wild Dogs and Hayna, good example
    We can learn their techniques for survival.

    • N0CKKAZ V2

      N0CKKAZ V2

      12 saatler önce

      Yeah a wild dog bites an enemies lips when they run up

  • Sanjoy Kumar

    Sanjoy Kumar

    2 aylar önce

    Python be like: abey saale 😁

  • Benjamin Magambo

    Benjamin Magambo

    2 aylar önce

    It seems like everything can hunt an impala in the wild! Even
    tortoises can if they are bored

  • wtf am i doing here

    wtf am i doing here

    2 aylar önce

    Hyena can steal your phone too

  • Johann Stander

    Johann Stander

    2 aylar önce

    Sure that is an impala and not a steenbok?

  • Oliveira Alves

    Oliveira Alves

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    Coisa boa, matou mas dançou.

  • Michael Salisbury

    Michael Salisbury

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    he got mugged!

  • Boyd Gibson

    Boyd Gibson

    2 aylar önce

    Looks like he has done this before.

  • Marco


    2 aylar önce

    The whole thing looks staged, the python hardly moved , it would be extremely difficult to steel away an animal being tightly constricted, instead it looked like the python was coiled on top.Lastly the hyena just stared at the impala, why? was it stuffed?lets not forget this entire site is full of Kruger merchandising.

  • Mark Momoh

    Mark Momoh

    3 aylar önce

    Hyena was like “thanks i’ll take it up from here” 😂

  • TeStOs


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    Baddest thief in da biz rite now!!!

  • E h.m

    E h.m

    3 aylar önce

    e pilantragem entre os animais na vida real é grande

  • حسين ضياء الدين

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  • 蕭之東


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    Born rubber

  • chanfara chanfara

    chanfara chanfara

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    its like human being, rich countries steal poor countries.

  • Alex Setyapranarka

    Alex Setyapranarka

    3 aylar önce

    Hyena: Thank you so much phyton, you did a great job.

  • chiya2006


    3 aylar önce

    Brave, we call someone who takes the food out of the mouth of a lion. Apparently, the hyena deserves that medal of bravery 😄

  • Éder Bueno

    Éder Bueno

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    Bolsonaro 2022

  • RRB_95


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    0:30 Yoink

  • Genius Papa

    Genius Papa

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    Alright, lemme take that...

  • horseygurl143


    3 aylar önce

    Stupid brave!

  • Aladár Horvát

    Aladár Horvát

    3 aylar önce

    that's how every football player in College steal your girl.

    • horseygurl143


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  • shehu musa

    shehu musa

    3 aylar önce

    Python should count itself lucky that it had something to trade for its life

    • Joseph Ujiadughele

      Joseph Ujiadughele

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    3 aylar önce

    Python lost its tooth

  • Pop Korn

    Pop Korn

    3 aylar önce

    At the end, that hyena is like "let's think even better, l'll let him swallow the impala then i'll have a bigger meal after"

  • кыргыз элим

    кыргыз элим

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    Красавчик гиена 😂😂😂👍👍👍

  • P Pond

    P Pond

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    Is it save to eat it??

  • Samuel Young

    Samuel Young

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    Y O I N K

  • Tarathathe77wookiee


    4 aylar önce

    When your Office buddy steals your lunch right off your desk.....

  • GFW777


    4 aylar önce

    In the same way people are stealing from each other. Almost all businesses are nothing else than "Legalized Theft".

  • Jin Wang

    Jin Wang

    4 aylar önce

    Hey python ,tell you good n bed news, Python:bed first. Here comes a hyena. Python:Hey,Dam guy stolen my food! So what’s the good news? Here comes ONE hyena!

  • SuperVada


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  • Spring


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    I didn't know there was pythons in the African server😱

  • Andres Chusan

    Andres Chusan

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    Sloppy seconds

  • Peter Dyste

    Peter Dyste

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    What a dick thing to do.

  • futuristic


    5 aylar önce

    Hope the python makes another kill and gets some food

    • N0CKKAZ V2

      N0CKKAZ V2

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      wont happen

  • Sandy Lerelele

    Sandy Lerelele

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    🤣🤣 Hyenas are the best

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    Nicole Clark

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    R/AMA I was pooping while writing this

  • roseforyoubabe


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    python lives matter!!

  • namakudhani1


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    The hyena is trying to save the baby from the snake i tink

  • AY Blackie

    AY Blackie

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    Vertical steals recording from horizontal.

  • laidani khaled

    laidani khaled

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    I love hyena .yes m'y girl.kill him all.

  • I3_Legit


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    Looting is getting out of hand

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    Hyena lives matter.

  • Rico Daz

    Rico Daz

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    Python: what a snake!

  • Mr. Animalover

    Mr. Animalover

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    Why choose 1 when you could eat both? Dumb as a suck of peanuts.

  • Crystal Marquis

    Crystal Marquis

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    How the heck did a python even catch a impala 🤔🤷🏼‍♀️😂😂

    • Care Takuva

      Care Takuva

      12 gün önce

      By stealth

    • slow down

      slow down

      19 gün önce

      By ambush

    • Grey Dog

      Grey Dog

      19 gün önce

      Maybe it was asleep. You need speed like a cheetah to catch those things, not slithering around the speed of a slug.

    • TurtleShell 8024

      TurtleShell 8024

      4 aylar önce

      @JENDALL714 😂

    • Hamdan Jantan

      Hamdan Jantan

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      @SD 619 sometimes we cannot take thing too seriously. 😂😂😂. Anyway stay safe, mate where ever you are

  • Armando Medina

    Armando Medina

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    Omg whut

  • TheWitness1001


    6 aylar önce

    This is the only time I support a Hyena. I hate snakes more.



    6 aylar önce

    Got'em! 😆🤣

  • iMesmerise


    6 aylar önce

    The hyena was so cunning. It took its time,calculated and then grabbed the antelope. I suspect the hyena somehow “respects” the python. If it was another animal like fox,dog etc, it would just grab the food away as soon as it sees it. #MaximumRespect

  • Jimmy A

    Jimmy A

    6 aylar önce

    Hungry? Why wait?

  • Rudi Setiawan

    Rudi Setiawan

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    Python: heyy, that's my food

  • Norden Conrad

    Norden Conrad

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    simple and clear

  • evt beqele nadi feyisa

    evt beqele nadi feyisa

    6 aylar önce

    good rescue , good job jib

  • Markiz


    6 aylar önce

    Awesome, but to bad that in all the excitement you forgot to turn the phone :)