Male Lion Takes Out Wild Dog Pups

katma 9 Mar 2021
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Cute wild dog pups that were left alone by parents for a few minutes have an unlucky encounter with an aggressive male lion!
This incredible, but unfortunate, turn of events was captured by 22-year-old junior actuarial analyst, Jared Wolf, while on his trip to the Lion Sands Game Reserve located within the Sabi Sands, Greater Kruger Park, with his family.
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Jared tells the story:
“We had told our ranger at the start of our stay that we were desperate to see a pack of wild dogs as they are my favourite animal.
Shortly after our first morning drive had started, our ranger said that another vehicle had found a pack of wild dogs with 16 pups, so, we immediately set off to join the other vehicle.”

“Our day started off with excitement and pure joy, but, ended with heartache and plenty of tears.”
“We spent a bit of time watching the wild dog pack interacting. The mother came every so often and regurgitated for them so that they could eat and stay strong. But, as the mother left the pups for a few minutes, probably in search of new food, all hell broke loose!”
“Out of nowhere, an aggressive male lion barged into the scene and unfortunately got hold of two wild dog pups. The aggressive lion was then joined by 3 other male lions. The same lion that caught the pups set off shortly after in the same direction as the pack of wild dog pups and adults that had escaped, and we started to fear the worst - perhaps he was after more pups.”
“Fortunately, our ranger then saw another pride of lions up ahead with 1 young male lion and a couple of females that were eating the remains of the impala carcass that the wild dogs had taken down an hour earlier.”
“The same lion that had caught the pups seemed to be on somewhat of an aggressive killing spree, as after spotting the young male lion from the other pride, he set off after that young male. Fortunately, the young male lion got away and the sighting ended with the lion along with his brothers vocalising out on an open plain, almost arrogantly announcing themselves as the sole kings of this new territory that they had taken over in a matter of minutes!”
“We saw, 2 different sightings of lion and 24 wild dogs all interacting within 100m of each other!”
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  • BigBrotherMateyka


    6 saatler önce

    It's unusual enough to actually catch lions successfully attacking and killing wild dogs, but it's exceptionally rare to witness lions eat them too.

  • Jenna Millsap

    Jenna Millsap

    10 saatler önce

    Wild dogs would do the same to a lion cub.

  • The Objective observer. Ram

    The Objective observer. Ram

    11 saatler önce

    Hats off to the African guide. Sitting out as bait. Crazy.

  • pcojedi


    11 saatler önce

    just claiming dominance just like on a prison yard

  • J.T. Creep

    J.T. Creep

    11 saatler önce

    How many people get pulled off these trucks every year? That looks dangerous!

  • Nose Y no se por qué

    Nose Y no se por qué

    12 saatler önce

    The tourist face is like oh my god. Why she’s even there. If she is so sensitive. 😂😂😂😂

  • Milim Nava

    Milim Nava

    14 saatler önce

    The law of nature....... Kill or be killed
    Sorry for my bad English

  • joe smith

    joe smith

    15 saatler önce

    perdators all should be put on an island and let them eat each other i say and vegan animals all on another island!

  • Amir Ashtari

    Amir Ashtari

    15 saatler önce

    How come the lions didn't attack the car passengers?

  • TheJollycoppers


    17 saatler önce

    So many pups, so little time.

  • denis cocej

    denis cocej

    18 saatler önce

    I hate wild dogs

  • Gabriele Meurer

    Gabriele Meurer

    19 saatler önce

    Actually I do not feel comfortable about the guide sitting outside on the bumper of the car. Lions can attack and jump quite high. May-be lions in Massai Mara, Kenya are different? :)

  • Kurd Hassan

    Kurd Hassan

    19 saatler önce

    2:15 lion head nods to the guide.
    You got your content

  • Si Dix

    Si Dix

    19 saatler önce

    it's called nature, the only thing unnatural about it is rich tourists watching.

  • Chan Kim

    Chan Kim

    Gün önce

    Isn't it dangerous to watch them so closely like that? It looked so close..

  • Tommy 81

    Tommy 81

    Gün önce

    Go king kill

  • rahim khan

    rahim khan

    Gün önce

    Moral of the story whenever any wild animal attacks you remove your phn and starting making video they will divert their attack

  • David Joe

    David Joe

    Gün önce

    This ain't the Jungle Cruise ride at Disneyland people! What did they expect!

  • cappy pcc

    cappy pcc

    Gün önce

    2:22 wtf hes chillin

  • Shizuka Mori

    Shizuka Mori

    Gün önce

    I counted at least 15 or 16 wild dog pups. The lions were able to get just 1 or 2. The rest of the pups escaped. The odds are still in the pups' favour.

  • Hey Yoo

    Hey Yoo

    Gün önce

    Still not understanding why the lions dont try and kill the people on vehicle with their feet dangling off a seat.😂😂😂😞😞😞

  • William James

    William James

    Gün önce

    You suck on the camera...

  • Aww


    Gün önce

    It's unbelievable how many videos there are of these idiots paying for a safari and then being disgusted with seeing the things you go on safari to see. It's like getting mad that the cars are doing 200 mph at Indy.

  • Ou Ji

    Ou Ji

    Gün önce

    If you are dog person just dont go see nature where cats rules

  • Bluebird


    Gün önce

    He asked for it!

  • Harish


    Gün önce

    It's just give and take

  • eTamm


    2 gün önce

    Imagine what is lion thinking while passing this huge metal car with people inside them, he thinks its a huge animal that is a threat that he cant take out

  • Jo Hannes

    Jo Hannes

    2 gün önce

    Lol look at the shocked faces of the humans seeing savagery in the wild. What the f$&& did you think it was like?

  • Martin zion Diaz

    Martin zion Diaz

    2 gün önce

    I wonder why Lions don't attack tourist on vehicle

  • Aaron Daniel

    Aaron Daniel

    2 gün önce

    @2:16 “sup”

  • Dave Roberts

    Dave Roberts

    2 gün önce

    What's with the guy with his hands to his mouth like a shocked old lady?

  • king of the jungle

    king of the jungle

    2 gün önce

  • N Jacob deKelaita

    N Jacob deKelaita

    2 gün önce

    Why dont they take out those tasty humans

  • Chacha Chaudhary

    Chacha Chaudhary

    2 gün önce

    It's no safe to drive that close to a lion in an open car .stupid people

  • Kinnish


    2 gün önce


  • Patric Verlinden

    Patric Verlinden

    2 gün önce

    Why the tourist sitting in open space??Is not that dangerous?

  • jgcaesar4


    2 gün önce

    How could these people be that naive?

  • Zah 8442

    Zah 8442

    2 gün önce

    Watch this clip on 0.25 slow motion mode, time 1:36 to 1:37.
    You can see white object ( looks like smoke n flicker) move away . Jungle isn’t alone
    There are invisible ( invisible for human eyes 👀) creature always around on earth 🌍 ..

  • Zaitopia


    2 gün önce

    why wouldn't the lions attack the tourists??? easy target, aren't they?

  • hooliganeagle84


    2 gün önce

    02:00 lion on the right very badly injured

  • manoj kumar singh

    manoj kumar singh

    2 gün önce

    L0 h.u 8nmk

  • Felipe Kennedy

    Felipe Kennedy

    2 gün önce

    thats how the food chain system works in the natural world, so if you can't take it go home to your disney land world where everything is fake.

  • Erik Larsen

    Erik Larsen

    3 gün önce

    The women gasps and puts her hands over her face. Oh stop it. Your there for the bloodlust just like everybody else. Maybe you're next pasty white lady.

  • Sohan Kamat

    Sohan Kamat

    3 gün önce

    Don't worry. Lions are on a mission of 'POPULATION CONTROL".

  • Lyonosze1 Josephine12

    Lyonosze1 Josephine12

    3 gün önce

    Why is she saying oh God? Lion trying to reduce future stress

  • expsterm1


    3 gün önce

    Cruelty of nature. Just a snack

  • KingKobraJoe


    3 gün önce

    1:00. He just came charging like a knight in battle

  • Enya Nunes

    Enya Nunes

    3 gün önce

    Adoro os animais

  • DaAlmighty Waun

    DaAlmighty Waun

    3 gün önce

    Lions ignore the humans in Jeep’s because they are use to seeing them as Cubs, Tourist and conservationist have been working with animals in Africa since conservation efforts started generation ago, and since they never seen humans in cars become prey they don’t bother them, to lions , humans in a vehicle are like a moving tree.

  • geeky zebra

    geeky zebra

    3 gün önce

    Why are they so shocked what did they expect to happen a Flippin teaparty

  • Basker P

    Basker P

    3 gün önce

    I like thissss🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰..wild dogs are mosted hated animals..ever bcoz they eat when pery is in alive 🤬

  • Doroteo Vasquez

    Doroteo Vasquez

    3 gün önce

    This rats received money from NRA

  • lilripsta111


    3 gün önce

    If it was up to Karens , they'd interfere with nature too.

  • theyungmonk


    3 gün önce

    why is it pansies that go on these safaris I would have been like "hell yeah!!!!" nature ain't pretty

  • Andreas Balaskas

    Andreas Balaskas

    3 gün önce

    Open jeep (no roof), the front guy, his chair is on the (engine machine) while the other guy just drives. And the tourists sits back!!
    Lions should be very jerk to not attack first the jeep and then the other animals. People on the jeep is the easiest target for lunch. The interesting is that, lions is (3-4 meters) away from jeep, the driver definitely has no any chance to drive to any direction (except if he knows to do maneuvers!!)

  • kentwg


    3 gün önce

    Snack time!

  • catlarry


    3 gün önce

    Dog meat is an acquired taste.

  • Peter Torrey

    Peter Torrey

    3 gün önce

    Male lions sometimes kill to make a point..which is unique for the species. Those males were not hungry....

  • Pana Mono

    Pana Mono

    4 gün önce

    These tourists thought they would see prey and predator holding hands, singing Disney songs

  • Hans Zarkov

    Hans Zarkov

    4 gün önce

    those people are nuts. i don't care if one or more of then is armed. if those lions felt like it they could take em all out

  • Avinash Balakrishna

    Avinash Balakrishna

    4 gün önce

    Why it is not attacking humans🤔🤔🤔



    4 gün önce

    *Lions say ALLAH*
    *ALLAH-u Akbar*

  • star k enterprises

    star k enterprises

    4 gün önce

    No way would I be in that vehicle without a 50 cal pistol and 2 spare mags. Nope. Animals are ANIMALS!

  • Demetreking TV

    Demetreking TV

    4 gün önce

    Stupid camera man keep recording if you can’t handle don’t go on animal safaris

  • Mark


    4 gün önce

    “Oh, that one is suffering”. Yeah, nature is violent and cruel, not like the utopia you tree huggers think it is like.

  • Snoopy les

    Snoopy les

    4 gün önce

    kann denn nicht mal ein loewe in so einen safariwagen reinspringen und aufraeumen ?

  • Łowca KureF

    Łowca KureF

    4 gün önce

    Man this people need to be fed to that lion, they're annoying af

  • mlm2099


    4 gün önce

    Lion got to eat👍

  • mike Cook

    mike Cook

    4 gün önce

    what kind of woman goes to africa anyway? ..... "oh this ones still suffering!" ...... dumb ass alert! THATS ALL THAT GOES ON THERE!!!! ...... and you are sick enough to pay lots of money and precious time to gawk and take pictures

  • Goose man

    Goose man

    4 gün önce

    Beautiful cat!!

  • Nick Kabeya

    Nick Kabeya

    4 gün önce

    Kill, kill the infidels

  • Kalahari Safari

    Kalahari Safari

    4 gün önce

    Always interesting to see the reaction of people when try realize not all animals behave like Disney characters🤣

    • Kalahari Safari

      Kalahari Safari

      11 saatler önce

      @Joseph Hinckley oh look i have a stalker. Are u a gay boy?

    • Joseph Hinckley

      Joseph Hinckley

      15 saatler önce

      You post the same thing on every video 😂

    • Ali x

      Ali x

      Gün önce

      Umm thank you captain obvious

  • stephen holmes

    stephen holmes

    4 gün önce

    oh no, get a grip your on safari with wild animals ffs

  • Collin Sceski

    Collin Sceski

    4 gün önce

    Can we talk about the lion with its intestines hanging out like a colostomy??

  • Adam Darski

    Adam Darski

    4 gün önce

    What the fuck with the tourist? did he expect a polite lion that dialogues with wild dogs?

  • dream guy

    dream guy

    4 gün önce

    Lions be like: You fuckers how many times have we told you kill first then eat and not alive...fucking bastards be ready for some lessons

  • Wetwilly87


    4 gün önce

    2:15 “WTF you looking at lady? Little guys had it coming”
    2:32 “We got a problem here? Get out of my way people”

  • PlayTime


    4 gün önce

    Just curious, how come the lions or other animals don’t attack the people. Aren’t they food to the animals?

  • Derpsnorlax playz

    Derpsnorlax playz

    5 gün önce

    Yes yes yes kill the dogs the feline supremacy prevails take that dog lovers u ppl keep commenting happily on dog kills cat videos now the dogs die in mass murder yesss

  • Naila Jutt

    Naila Jutt

    5 gün önce

    I'm so glad i'm a human and at the top of the food chain. Don't have yo worry about animals trying to eat me alive everyday.

  • A. Aziz

    A. Aziz

    5 gün önce

    Pest control.

  • David Robert

    David Robert

    5 gün önce

    Hot wardog breakfast ..

  • Sike thats the wrong number

    Sike thats the wrong number

    5 gün önce

    amazing view a coalition of three lion brothers

  • Conditionally Unconditional

    Conditionally Unconditional

    5 gün önce

    "Hot dogs, cold cats"

  • CSYNG1


    5 gün önce

    I would definitely have to be in a bigger ride than that damn micro machine jeep..

  • Nightmare Wolves

    Nightmare Wolves

    5 gün önce

    I would instantly cry and probably try to hit him

  • Jadlind gaming

    Jadlind gaming

    5 gün önce

    I never knew they were this close

  • Cwill Wilson

    Cwill Wilson

    5 gün önce

    Lions having lunch
    Also Lions: I can't even eat without these humans watching me.

  • whatta gronk

    whatta gronk

    5 gün önce

    Am i the only person here noticing there is a lion at the 2:00 minute mark with a stomach wound. There is a big hole in the stomach

  • Mike Studmuffin

    Mike Studmuffin

    5 gün önce

    the dogs can eat a deer in ten seconds with no trace the deer ever existed.

    • Mike Studmuffin

      Mike Studmuffin

      4 gün önce

      @Denisovan Hybrid they eat everything

    • Denisovan Hybrid

      Denisovan Hybrid

      4 gün önce

      Skull 💀 and bones 🦴?

  • Rogue Cheddar

    Rogue Cheddar

    5 gün önce

    Teach your children well
    Their father's hell did slowly go by
    And feed them on your dreams
    The one they pick's the one you'll know by

    Don't you ever ask them why
    If they told you, you would cry
    So just look at them and sigh
    And know they love you

  • Alex Bolden

    Alex Bolden

    5 gün önce

    That’s one brave dude on that front of that truck.If Mr. Lion doubled back he’d film his own demise😫

  • brian rodrigues

    brian rodrigues

    5 gün önce

    Why are the tourists looking so surprised... don't they know what is wild life ?. Do they expect the lion to give Notice..hey I am ready 🤔

  • World Aquarium Singapore

    World Aquarium Singapore

    5 gün önce

    the thing i dont understand is why all the lions and wild dogs all ignored the car full of people in them?

  • Roxy Dog

    Roxy Dog

    5 gün önce

    This is great! Cause I just watched about 10 videos of wild dogs tearing all kinds of baby animals apart...

  • 11Kralle


    6 gün önce

    She: "This one's suffering..."
    Meanwhile: half of human kind has no regular access to fresh water; rape, murder and torture happens to thousands of people daily; millions of people are forced to migrate; half of India is shitting on the streets a.s.f.a.s.o.

  • Adhesive Gaming

    Adhesive Gaming

    6 gün önce

    That lion didnt forget when they nipped at his balls the last time they beefed

  • rocknflip66


    6 gün önce

    when Karen’s expect to see a Lion King show not expecting they see Faces of Death

  • hyangsu lee

    hyangsu lee

    6 gün önce

    The convertible car looks too dangerous.

  • Gengis Khan

    Gengis Khan

    6 gün önce

    Ma non hanno paura le persone sopra i mezzi ?