Impala Escapes Crocodile Only To Get Caught by Leopard!

katma 9 Şub 2021
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In this remarkable sighting, we see a young, unfortunate impala really have all the odds stacked against it. This impala got caught by a crocodile, and showed immense strength and determination to defeat the croc, but, seconds later, it then faces a much more difficult opponent - a hungry Leopard.
This unbelievable sequence of events was filmed by doctor and banker, Angela and Craig Weeks, on their most recent trip to the Kruger National Park, a few weeks back.
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Angela and Craig tell the story: “We were watching a herd of impala drinking at a large muddy pond that had formed next to the road after recent heavy rains near Biyamiti Weir.
We had stopped to take a closer look at one impala that had a broken leg. Suddenly a 4-foot crocodile shot out of the water and grabbed a young impala, dragging it into the muddy water and submerging it.”
“A struggle ensued for about 2 minutes, but the impala was able to break free and jump out of the water. The impala herd had been alarm calling really loudly during the impala-crocodile struggle, which is basically a call for food for any predator in the area, as something most likely has just been caught. This time, a nearby Leopard heard the alarm calls and came to see if it meant a free meal for it.
The Leopard spots the impala in the water and doesn’t have to wait long. As the unlucky impala escaped the croc, it was ambushed and caught by the leopard.”
“We were shocked by the unexpected impala takedown and really surprised that a crocodile was lurking in such a small mud pool. When the impala eventually escaped the croc, we were relieved but seconds later totally surprised by the leopard’s stealth ambush. It was an unforgettable sighting and a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience for us.”
“After all the commotion, the leopard proceeded to consume the impala in the shade of a nearby fallen tree. We were able to watch this sighting with our 2 boys, 8 and 11, and their grandpa”

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    Из огня в полымя

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    Very sad 😥moment

  • Jose Antonio Ramirez Diaz

    Jose Antonio Ramirez Diaz

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    Que locura los que graban esto nada hacen , quizá a lo mejor hasta azusarian al leopardo para que cuando escapara estuviera por ahí cerca y lo agarrara . 👊👊👊

  • Omar Johnson

    Omar Johnson

    12 saatler önce

    As they would say your luck is so bad if you use cotton to wipe your ass it will cut you that is the luck of the Impala jump out of the frying pan into the fire in other words jump out of the crocodile mouth into the mouth of the leopard .

  • Mikau 991

    Mikau 991

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    life sucks

  • Abdul Sufi

    Abdul Sufi

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    Bet the woman is holding the camera

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    Nam mô a di đà phật 🙏🙏🙏

  • Marcus


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    "Final Destination"

  • Stanley Spedowski

    Stanley Spedowski

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    Like gettin’ the lid off a jar.... croc says... well I loosened it.
    Poor guy, must’ve been a Monday

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    Aleksandr Anufriev

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  • Manvendra Rana

    Manvendra Rana

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    Croc: trust me, its better over here. Impala: nah im out. Jaguar: your ded

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    Out the frying pan, into the fire

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    "Out of the frying pan into the fire."

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    Dame! Attacked on water and land. Lil guy can't catch a Break!...

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    Life of an Impala, so sad.

  • Valter Rodrigues

    Valter Rodrigues

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    O loco o bicho escapo da boca do jacaré e more na boca onça pintada isto a natureza que trabalho maravilhoso linda imagem um forte abraço do Brasil .

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    Michael Tero

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    Caught between a croc and a ...

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    Imagine not being at the top of the food chain, couldn't be me

  • Akshay Maheshwari

    Akshay Maheshwari

    2 gün önce

    Wildlife docs teaches us how plainly cruel survival is.. At the crucial junctures of life, we are all alone with our will power and luck.. Humanity tries its best to hide that cruelty through its Web of emotions .. But the truth is we have to stay alert all the time..

  • David Levine

    David Levine

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    These sightings are just pure marvelous at times

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  • Alves Oliveira

    Alves Oliveira

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    Natureza é muito cruel, espero um dia saber porque Deus sendo amoroso, permitiu a natureza ser tão cruel aos animais inocentes que não fizeram nada contra Deus.

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    Leopardo ensinando ao crocodilo como se faz! Kkkkkkkkk

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    Leopardo é foda predador fortíssimo raridade a presa escapar.

  • Moto Men

    Moto Men

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    Remember whats important. Kovid 19 IS A CON

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    Daniel Judah

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    That impala was meant to die.

  • Moto Men

    Moto Men

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    When I see stuff like this it just further proof if god is real he is sick in the head.

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    Michael Wiseman

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    Danken Dube

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    Impala: I'm not going to be eaten today!
    Leopard: yeah? you should have stayed in water😋

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    Rustam Yumuxov

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    Robin jackson

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    Damn that Impala deserved to live after fighting that hard to live 😥💔. The leopard heard all of the commotion going on, and went over to check it out.

  • Endepally Hemanth

    Endepally Hemanth

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    God is the biggest culprit

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    3 gün önce

    Please shut up.. Please...

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  • Mey Sopheara

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    Гена Лесников

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    Как интересно, крокодил не смог справиться с импалой, зато леопард впоймал себе вкусный обед.

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    Ajey nagar

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    Crocodile was not hungry.
    Because,if he was hungry he never allow impala to escape from him
    He was just trying to save her from leopard

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    Karen country side News

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    Stupid photographer not help animal

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    Flip flap flop On the rocks

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